Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

15 Minute Reading

Want to take a little magic with you throughout the day?  Get some quick insight into your present situation from the oracle and the tarot.  You will receive:

  • 1 Lenormand card draw

  • 1 tarot card draw

  • Photo and recording of the reading

Price: $15

30 Minute Reading

Have a slightly more complicated issue you’d like to unpack?  Receive guidance from a more in-depth tarot session, using a variety of tarot, oracle, and dowsing techniques, depending on the query.  We will open the session with an oracle card reading to define where you are now, explore the issue with the tarot, and end the session with a pendulum divination to guide your next steps.  You will receive a:

  • 1 Lenormand card draw

  • 3 tarot card spread

  • Pendulum divination

  • Photo and recording of the reading

Price: $30

60 Minute Reading and Energy Balancing Session

For the complex questions or decisions in your life, receive tailored guidance with an hour long session incorporating multiple card and divination techniques.  The session opens with a discussion of the subject or question, followed by a reading to provide insight into where you are now, and where to go from here.  The session closes with an energetic clearing using crystals to balance and soothe the emotional body.  You will receive a:

  • 2 Lenormand card spread

  • 6 to 9 tarot card spread

  • Pendulum divination

  • Crystal energetics clearing

  • Photo and recording of the reading

Price: $60

Tarot Party Rates

Tarot readings for a group or party can be purchased with one flat rate, depending on the number of people and time required.

Pricing negotiable

Custom Spell

Rory will write a unique spell for you to cast, with detailed instructions and supplies.

Pricing negotiable

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Please read my policy before booking:


Your information, questions, and tarot readings are strictly confidential.

Cancellations must be made 24-hours in advance.

Tarot readings DO NOT take the place of professional legal counsel, medical care, or psychological counseling.

Come into a tarot reading prepared for the unexpected.  Tarot readings cannot be refunded if the answers are not what you desired.  Bring an open mind.

Tarot card readings are to be used for self-discovery and insight, to help you make the best choices for yourself.  Do not use tarot to find absolute answers about the future.  You have free will and your future is not set in stone.


Think of me not as a fortune teller, but as an intuitive guide.  You already have the answers, and tarot provides a map to find them.


Rory Gory is a queer, non-binary artist and feminist who uses their creativity and intuition to help find answers to your questions beyond the limits of conventional thinking. They can help you break out of a pattern, transform your perspective, alchemize your feelings, and find inspiration.


Rory was frustrated by the binary interpretations of classic occult imagery, so they sought out beautiful decks created by queer and feminine artists that reinvent the tarot and oracle to reflect the experiences of women, queer, and trans people.


Rory merges oracle card readings, tarot readings, and dowsing to provide you with an extra-special tarot reading experience.

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